Thursday, April 21, 2011



Kathy’s mother died last week. An old friend of her mother’s upon hearing the news asked if we would book a room for the whole family to have dinner and she would fly in and we all could spend an evening of celebrating her life. Kathy loves the Internet and so she spent a few hours looking for a place that could provide a room and a nice dinner. She settled on a little Italian bistro that is in an old house in central Phoenix. It looked cozy and artsy and it had won several “Best of Phoenix “ awards.

So today was her day off and she asked if I would like to go and take a look and try out the food.

I have one word to describe my experience “WOW” If you live anywhere near Phoenix go to Cibo located at 603 n 5TH ave. No I don’t mean in the future I mean right this minute. The food is that good.

Cibo is housed in a 1930’s classic Arizona bungalow. The fixtures, wine and art alone are worth the trip. This is the real deal as far as food is concerned. We started out with the Bruscetta; Fresh Mozzarella and proscuito, then little organic grape tomatoes sliced and dressed beautifully with a hint of fresh basil and last a white bean salad that was so subtle with just a suggestion of lemon zest, all of this served on a toasted of slices of some of the best bread in Phoenix. The portions were generous and the chef is the kind of talent that Phoenix is so often sadly missing. We were going to have a wood-fired pizza but at the last minute decided on the fresh orchette pasta with meatballs that was so well thought out, we loved it, but what really wowed me was the little side salad that came with the pasta. The combination of organic arugula and pine nuts with a few shavings of Parmesan ragganio was one of the best salads I have ever had. Let me say that again this was one of the best salads of my life! When it came I asked Kathy if it was dressed, because visually the dressing was so light that I couldn’t see it. What I really tasted was the wonderful fresh organic greens the dressing was accent.

While I was writing this Kathy was in the kitchen opening the crepes that we brought home, upon tasting she called in from the kitchen, “Joe you might want to wait until you taste this before writing that!” The crepes have traveled home to Cave Creek and are now cold and still they are light and well defined with a great balance between chocolate and a light hint of cinnamon.

Cibo is that rare combination of a friendly staff, hand’s on owner’s that pay attention to every detail and Chef Guido Saccone, who is dedicated to providing the best, light Italian food that I’ve had in Phoenix!