Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Broke Mac

My computer is broken and being fixed so I'll see ypou in a few days...
Mad Coyote Joe

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meanwhile back at the Bread 6-26-11

On Thursday night I made the leaven and went to work Friday about 10am. The dough mixed well and easy… no lumps very soft. I had been noticing the strength of the dough in previous batches and thought that I might try working the dough a little less to see if it would give me a lighter sponge. Ooops! The bread was almost flat so by doing the requisite turns and folds one builds tension and rise. Next my crust has been a little too thick. I thought this might be from a lack in the oven spring or rise… Ooops! I increased the time of steam injected baking from 25 minutes to 30, the result was the thickest crust to date… so thick that it could break teeth. And last I have been baking at a lower temperature thinking that I would give the loaf more time to rise before forming the crust… Ooops! Just the opposite the loaf is more moist and heavier.

So where do I go from here? Next baking will be back up around 550°f and I will be working the dough more fully and I will bake in the steam for 20 minutes.

Stay Tuned!