Friday, May 4, 2012

Mad coyote Joe's Blah Blah Blog: You won't beleive this!

Mad coyote Joe's Blah Blah Blog: You won't beleive this!: Into every life some rain must fall…   Oh SHIT!   What does a guy that has spent his entire life working on making grilled meats, fish a...

You won't beleive this!

Into every life some rain must fall…  Oh SHIT!  What does a guy that has spent his entire life working on making grilled meats, fish and foul delicious and then on chance picks up a copy of, The China Study, for some light reading and comes to the decision that the best thing the he can do to keep he and his lifelong friend, wife and partner healthy is to stop eating all animal based foods!  
That’s right we are in the process of giving up all meat, foul, fish, and eggs along with all dairy products while concentrating on a whole food, plant based diet.  And believe me no one is more shocked than we are! 
My parents aunts and uncles and grandparents have all contracted various cancers, along with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, kidney disease, and many other aliments too numerous to list here.  Kathy and I have had some of these or precursors to these diseases.  Take that issue along with the fact that 18% America’s youth are obese and many many more are severely over weight.  What I found in this book was that these diseases are not the normal way that people shut down as they age. There are parts of the world where doctors do not see heart disease, diabetes, most of the cancers we see so often and many other diseases that are now a normal part of getting old in America.
All of these ailments are on the increase and billions are spent every year keeping America sick, fat and medicated.  
The problem I have found with a plant-based diet is that the majority of the books on the subject (with the exception of The Moosewood Cookbook) have been written by doctors or people that are making healthy foods tolerable, at best.  Tolerable is no way to approach your diet and most people would rather be sick than to live like that.
Kathy and I are both very good cooks and so it is now our belief that we should be the ones to work on this type of recipes.  We are about a month into this process and have developed many delicious recipes that are just as good as the meat-based original.  Tonight I am working on Texas Red Chili and I’m glad to tell you It’s fantastic!
So I think that’s enough for this posting.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and as we get this a little further we’ll start posting recipes and techniques.
Mad Coyote Joe