Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yes I'm now doing wedding ceremonies!

So you’re getting married and looking for someone to lead the ceremony. If you’re looking for something other than the standard, justice of the peace or church based wedding, why not have me come officiate the happy event.

I’ll come to your house, your favorite Coffee shop, the park or even the back seat of the first car, you made out in… what ever you have in mind. I'm the official that will do what ever it is that you and your spouse to be, can think of to commemorate your marriage. If you’re 19 and marrying your childhood sweetheart you want someone else. Second, third, fourth, late in life or festive weddings are what I do well.

A few years ago a good friend was getting married and asked me to get ordained so I could perform weddings in Arizona. By the authority granted me by the State of Arizona and The Universal Life Church of Modesto California I can now pronounce you man and wife. Next it was a western themed wedding. So I’m becoming the guy that people call for a different ceremony. Let’s see what you have in mind and make it happen.


The Right Reverend Mad Coyote Joe

Friday, January 14, 2011

Shipping Container Houses

Shipping Container houses

One of the areas of study that I have concerned my self with over the years is low cost housing. I’ve built with adobe and straw bale, and my friend Ed has used giant foam blocks and recycled lumber; always looking for a method that provides structure, insulation and an esthetic that one can enjoy.

Along the way I became aware of shipping containers also known as Connex boxes. They are strong, structural and best of all cheap.

Architects are using them in different arrangements to build houses and offices.

My interest was in building a second home for Kathy and myself or a home for one or both of our children. Drywall can be screwed to the interior walls and foam glued to the exterior providing a strong, well insulated structure. I wanted to add mass so I decided on using a system that I have been working on in my landscape for the past few years. I have been building walls out of cast in place adobe.

I use just plain old dirt out of my yard. I mix water into the dirt, in a wheelbarrow and pour it into a form. This is placed on a concrete foundation that comes above the ground by about five inches to create a break between the earth for reasons of termites and water. Once the mud sets up I remove the forms and move them up, for the next pour. The earth, dried in this Arizona sun, is rock hard. After the walls are finished I drive ring-shank nails into the adobe to hold stucco netting and then cover it with a coat of fiber-strengthened stucco. The end result is massive, bullet proof (literally) and very inexpensive.

In applying this to shipping container construction I am adding a two-inch layer of foam used both as a form and as future insulation.

As with my walls I’m placing a vertical layer of recycled chain link fencing to add both reinforcement and a structural diaphragm.

I’m tying this to the box along with running a nylon twine to the exterior of the foam for stucco wire connection. I chose the twine over tie wire as wire can both stretch and rust, twine will do neither. The end product will be a layer of insulation, which I run down below grade about eight inches to create a thermal break from the brutal Arizona sun.

Then I have one foot of adobe for mass and then the box it’s self. I plan on doing a living roof. Please ask any questions or leave any comments that you might have.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mad Coyote Web Site

I'm putting my website back up. It will be a place that you can order our spices, have me come cook for your next event, sign up for a cooking class, even have me be the Official Reverend at your wedding. It's just coming together, so stop by and take a look I'd love any thoughts or ideas that you might have. The web site is
Let me know what you think.