Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yes I'm now doing wedding ceremonies!

So you’re getting married and looking for someone to lead the ceremony. If you’re looking for something other than the standard, justice of the peace or church based wedding, why not have me come officiate the happy event.

I’ll come to your house, your favorite Coffee shop, the park or even the back seat of the first car, you made out in… what ever you have in mind. I'm the official that will do what ever it is that you and your spouse to be, can think of to commemorate your marriage. If you’re 19 and marrying your childhood sweetheart you want someone else. Second, third, fourth, late in life or festive weddings are what I do well.

A few years ago a good friend was getting married and asked me to get ordained so I could perform weddings in Arizona. By the authority granted me by the State of Arizona and The Universal Life Church of Modesto California I can now pronounce you man and wife. Next it was a western themed wedding. So I’m becoming the guy that people call for a different ceremony. Let’s see what you have in mind and make it happen.


The Right Reverend Mad Coyote Joe

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