Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Being an Artist

The other day I was at coffee at C4. I met a couple that was enjoying the beautiful Cave Creek morning. The woman asked an interesting question.

“What would you say is your main art form?”

My answer was, “Well, food… or performance… well, I also love architecture, but that’s not my main area of interest, But I also really enjoy music, Lately I’ve been working on writing, creative non-fiction and poetry, but that’s not my main area of… let’s back up.”

For me it’s all the same. I write with the same part of me that paints and sculpts and cooks and speaks. Let’s take my motorcycle for example.

I few years ago, I found a Honda Trail 90 in the Motorcycle Trader. It looked exactly like this.

I rode it for a few months and really loved it but I started thinking about what I really wanted. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to change my motorcycle. So I chopped it. I’ve never done any of this type of work, but I decide that I wanted to make my Honda 90 cooler and this is what I came up with. I did all of the painting my self and believe it or not that orange that matches perfectly is Home Depot spray paint.
Well I rode it for about six months and I started thinking about the movie "The Great Escape" and Steve McQueen on that great bike. Now that's a cool bike! I mean how hard can it be to copy?

so I chopped my bike it again. I decided to paint it Desert Tan. And this is what I came up with.
My thought on art, music, or anything that you feel strong about is, “Bring it!” I write, both words and music. I paint, build, sculpt and cook.
The great American Will Rodgers once said, "It's great being an artist, because nobody can tell you're not"

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  1. wow i know this bike! i was sitting on it as we visited you in cave creek! i tink i sent you the pictures!