Friday, April 2, 2010

Open Mic... fantastic!

Open mic is always a little hit and miss. Lately it’s been a lot more hit. Last night was off the hook. Micha Mcgarrah’s dad Michael Mcgarrah showed up. Micha comes by his writing talent honestly. His father is one of the best writers that I’ve personally come in contact with. He started out with Dancin’ in the Bone Yard, a very Tom Waitts like, macabre journey of words and slow rhythm. Then it was a duet with is son Micha on Hand Me That Bottle, which reminded me of Michas writing, except it was sad and funny at the same time. It was great to see them sing together. Then he sang Rockabilly Saturday Night. When Mcgarrah droned out the line, “Rock and Roll was just the devil in four four time,” the room went crazy. He’s going to be doing a west coast tour in a few months. If you have a chance make sure and catch this amazing singer/ song writer. In the meantime check out his website, Michael and order his CD “Love Boat to Reno.” The night was filled with talent of every shade. I even played a little. If you get a chance on Thursday nights drop by C4 in cave Creek.

Brian Callahan getting to sing the hilarious ballad "The Jenny Mule"

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