Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who Are You?

Who Are You?

I was going through my Blog Stats. This tells me who is reading my blog and where they are. Below is the breakdown for the past few days. Historically most of my readers are from the good old USofA. Next it’s Germany then Canada, Australia, Russa, Iraq, Malaysia, Netherlands (I sure this is my friends Sabina and Roland), Japan then Thailand. These are rounded off but in correct order. Germany in number two was a big surprise, I would have thought England or Canada. This week I'm getting new readers from Asia and Eastern Europe.

Okay I’d like to know who you are and where you are from, so if you have the time and the desire to help. Please tell us a little about how you ended up at our site and where you are from. I write on everything from food to low cost building design, with crime stories and poetry thrown in, along with stories about our open mic. What drew you to our site? This will tell me where I’m serving you and not just practicing my writing. Just go to the bottom of this posting and click on comments.

United States 115

Canada 4

Singapore 4

United Kingdom 3

China 2

Slovenia 2

Australia 1

Spain 1

France 1

Spain 1

Historic Views by %

United States 87%

Germany 3%

Canada 2%

Australia 1%

Russia 1%

IIraq 1%

Malaysia 1%

Netherlands 1%

Japan 1%

Thailand 1%


  1. I just wanted to check up on one of my favorite families! I met you guys at Camp Honor in it's (I think) 5th year. I was known as the "Karate Lady" for 5 years. I'm from Phoenix, AZ. Loved watching you on TV and in the Camp Kitchen back reading what you have to say now!! Say hi to Katie and Joey for me, please!!

    Lori Contreras

  2. Lori
    Good to hear from you Katie is working in Banking now and Joey is a Coffee Roaster and Racecar Driver and Builder. Thanks for checking in and keep reading and commenting.

  3. I am from Glendale AZ, I always enjoied your TV show and I guess that is how I know you. I also saw one of your cooking demonstrations at BBQ Galore once. I love to BBQ and was hoping to grab some of your spices once they are available. I had thought of checking out one of your open mics but I guess they are not happening anymore. I enjoy your blog and am a follower. You can check mine out at "Ken's World of Photography". Looking forward to some cool BBQ rubs. Take care and hope your health is better.

  4. Thanks for the update. Just shoot me an e-mail when you need some spices. We are doing open mic at Codys on tiesdays but it seems a little shaky just e-mail me before driving up. Please keep reading and let me know what you think of the posts and what you like more and what you don't care for so much. Thanks again.

  5. I do like your little novel. I think this is a good avenue to get people interested. I am no publisist but I think people don't have a lot of time to read no a days. Giving them a couple chapters pulls them in and then you have them waiting for the next. Good luck.