Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A year of blogging

One year ago today I wrote my first blog post. My friend and mentor Bob Boze Bell suggested that I should have a blog and so I started. My friend Louise Dewald told me several years ago the fastest way to become a writer (of books) is to start a journal. Well I can tell you the blog writing has reignited my writing in general, I have, once again found my voice. For me that means the ability to think of a topic or story and just start writing. The great Scottish writer Barry Grahm told that he gets up every morning at 5am and sets a timer for 45 minutes then hr starts writing, no correction, no rereading, just keep writing. If it's a bad writing day he can stop when the timer goes off, but often he will not notice the timer and will write for several hours.
In this year of blogging I have attracted an international audience, Americans make up the bulk of my readers, followed by Germans, Canadians, Latvians, Australians, Iranians, Japanese, Russians,then several small countries. I find myself wondering why the Germans in second place... is it the American GI's posted there? If you are a reader and in Germany please tell me who you are and what brings you to the blog.
Well it's been a big year, the blog has grown in readers every month and with it Mad Coyote. The School construction is coming along. We are learning the ins and outs of our wood fired oven. The baking is getting better and more complex. Our future plans are becoming clearer. Thanks for stopping by and please share our blog with your friends and family especially on the social networks.
The Right Reverend Mad Coyote Joe

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