Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Easy Hosin Salmon

Easy Hoisin Salmon

This is one of the most amazing dishes. The combination of Sesame oil and hoisin sauce is slightly sweet, with a deep nutlike flavor. If you’re adding more fish into your diet or just looking for an easy Asian twist on everyday oven roasted salmon, you’ll be amazed. The rule of thumb for grilling or oven baking (350 f°) fish is 10 minutes of baking for every minute of thickness. In the oven we add a few extra minutes to compensate for heating the baking dish. This cooking time provides a medium or lightly cooked piece of fish. If you like your fish well done add a few minutes. Also oven cooking times vary so give it a try and take a few notes. That way, you will find how to make this wonderful dish cooked to perfection, every time. Watch the video and please comment and share!


Mad Coyote Joe

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