Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meanwhile back at the bread II

The continuing saga of Joe the Baker!

Okay last time I baked I used the Tartine Bread recipe for Basic Country Bread, a 90% white flour, 10% whole wheat flour with a starter/ leaven and long slow bench rest and crust development. I changed the recipe to 100% organic unbleached High Gluten white flour. I had been making 450g loaves, which I sold for $3 each. I increased the weight to 600g and increased the cost to $5 each.

The reactions were varied; overall they said that they liked the 90/10 recipe much better, it had a much more developed wheat flavor along with a good strong sour dough. They all liked the crust on both. The color was good but I’m not happy with the “ears”.

I’m going back to the 90/10 recipe and I’m going to add extra humidity to the bake with a pan of boiling water in the wood fired oven and a wet towel placed over the wooden door. I’m also going to decrease the baking temperature to lengthen the baking time for a darker crust and hopefully more developed ears. I’m settling on 525g and $4 each. I bake tomorrow and will post.


Mad Coyote Joe

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