Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back Online

First of all I’d like to point out why once again I love Apple and their many products. A few weeks back I was baking and spilled a glass of very good Zinfandel on my Macbook pro. This was sad on a few levels. A week ago I was answering my E-mail and the screen started shaking and there was a loud clicking sound coming from my laptop. I pressed on the area where the sound came from (this is the twenty first century version of whacking it with a hammer!) The sound quit, so I did a back-up and called the Apple store to set up a appointment. The next day I dropped by the store and a very nice young man told me that the laptop had obvious evidence of liquid damage. He said that they’d try to keep the repair cost down and I told him that a few hundred dollars would break us right now. So he said that he would send it back to the factory for a level 4 repair. It would be free of charge unless it was totaled, in which case they would refuse to fix it… ever! It took a week but they replaced the mother board several cables the inner face and keyboard and I think the hard drive. It was about $800 worth of parts. They called today and I’m writing you on my laptop right now. The best part… no charge. They said that things happen and I’ve been a good customer. Like I said, I love Apple and their many products.

So I’m back online and the bread is going well. There has been a development on the Connex box, the twine I was using to hold the foam in place is not UV resistant, so it’s falling off the box and I’m replacing it with galvanized wire.

See you soon!


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