Friday, September 30, 2011

Please send this to your Cave Creek Friend1

On September 24th I drove to pick Kathy up at work. We we’re gone about an hour. Upon arriving home we discovered that a huge dogfight had ensued. Joey’s dog, Lilly had been torn to shreds by his younger dog Stella, being very short on money, we had no other option than to attempt caring for the dogs wounds at home. We washed and cleaned the wounds and applied some antiseptic spray and gave her some pain meds, but she had tendons and muscle showing and had at least thirty big cuts and gashes. Joey was in Tucson, we called an as soon as he could he headed back to the Creek.

We did what we could but by morning she started smelling of infection. A good family friend, that I will not mention here, until I know that she has no issue in my mentioning her by name, heard about the dogs condition and stepped up and offered to put the care needed on her credit card.

Upon arrival at the Animal Hospital they did a rapid triage and gave us a base price of $1400 and at top number of $2500. Our friend told Joey to go ahead with the treatment. Lilly spent the next night and day in the clinic. The following day when we were suppose to pick her up she was not stable enough bring home and we were told to expect another $1000 on the bill.

She’s been home for 4 days and doing very well, but this morning two of her wounds opened back up and so it was back to the hospital to be put out and receive surgery again.

This will run the bill up even higher.

Okay… why am I telling you this. As kind and giving of a gesture as this wonderful woman has extended towards our family. And let me say right here, how very grateful we are of this amazing act of friendship and love. We never thought the bills would run so high and I imagine neither did our friend.

We are in the process of trying to reduce, or if possible eliminate this huge bill. So I’m asking if you can donate either funds or auction items or you have access to a group that might have access to said items, or if you can think of ways to raise the same, please let us know. In short… HELP!

I’m in the planning stages of putting on a Barbecue/ auction / afternoon of Cave Creek fun and music. Janey’s Coffee Bodega, in Cave Creek has generously offered to allow us to have the fund-raiser at their beautiful place.

We are in the planning stages, and so, looking at all options. Please feel free to comment with ideas… any ideas that might get us closer to our goal.

We know that these are hard times and so we ask, if you decide to give, give only what you can and please spread this around town. Dates details and times to follow.


Mad Coyote Joe

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