Thursday, July 5, 2012

Friends, Romans, Creekers
Sorry for not writing for the past several weeks.  Many family things going on.  The good news is I am serving as the officiant at the Carefree Inn for another Elrod Family Wedding.  This is my second with them and my seventh wedding ceremony.  I have also done one funeral service.
It's a wonderful thing to be a part of; a chance to witness life up close and maybe help it as it rolls forward.  As far as the cooking goes I'm baking one day a week and playing a little music which keeps the wolves away from the door!
Katie our daughter has bought a house for her and the love of her life, Israel.  Joey is engaged to Miranda and fishing in Alaska to prime the monetary pump in an effort to kick start their life together.
I'm proud of them both.
My life long partner and wife Kathy continues top bring a check home to keep our life straight and a always I so proud of her efforts and glad to be with her.
If you need recipes or advice on any of the many things I do just give a holler: I'll get back to writing soon
Mad Coyote Joe


  1. Hi MC Joe. R u the person who used to sell mad coyote enchilada sauce? If you are, what happened to it? It is so good and I can't find it any more.
    Can I help?

    1. That's me shoot an email with your email address to

    2. Hi Joe: I spoke to you from Granite Bay, Ca. today
      Sunday about an order. You said that you would eventually like to go to The French Laundry, if and when you do come this way you are welcome to stay at my house on the way to Napa.

      Sincerely, Marty Brummer

      my email is