Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years Day Passion Fruit Mimosa

New Years Day Passion Fruit Mimosa
If I want a drink, I usually have a shot of Bushmill’s whiskey or good tequila over, ‘store bought’ ice.  I like some champagne now and then but a glass is about as far as I get.  If we have people over, for New Years Eve, they usually bring champagne and so the dilemma. 
How many of us have a bottle or two of modest quality, champagne sitting in the back of the fridge?  And it might sit there for a few years.
Why not make a delicious and refreshing drink… the Passion Fruit Mimosa.

Here’s the basic recipe

Champagne, chilled
Passion fruit juice or OJ or a combination of both, chilled

Fresh Strawberries
A slice of orange

Fill a champagne flute, half full with champagne, slowly top with Passion fruit juice or OJ, taking care not to over-fill.  Depending on glass size and presentation, garnish appropriately.  Some like crushed ice added before the champagne.  If the kids are there you can make virgin Mimosas by using 7-up or Sprite in place of the champagne.
I quote Spock, “Live long and prosper!” 

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