Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fantastic Soul Food now in Scottsdale

Fantastic Soul Food now in Scottsdale

I was picking up some flour at The Restaurant Depot in Phoenix.  For those of you that don’t know, The Restaurant Depot is a place where a small provider can get restaurant supplies at true wholesale prices.  And so, when shopping there, it’s quite common to see anybody that’s anybody in the Phoenix food game. 
I was standing in the checkout line with Kathy when Larry, who runs the iconic, Mrs. Whites Golden Rule Café walked up behind us.  Larry gave me I big hug and asked about our family.  As we chatted I asked about his son, Larry also known as Lo-Lo who open Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles, in Phoenix back in 2002.  He told me that his son had opened a second location in Scottsdale, at 2765 N Scottsdale Rd, just south of Thomas on the East side of the road.
Lo-Lo comes by his cooking skills naturally.  He started working at his Grandmother, Mrs. White’s restaurant, as soon as he could carry a bus tub and worked his way up. 
Mrs. White’s has been the Mecca of soul food for central Arizona for the past five decades.  Back in the 60’s my father had a little manufacturing facility where, Chase Field now stands.  He and my Grandfather would walk over to have lunch. 
Mrs. White worked the counter and called the dance.  She had a cuss box, and if you slipped she would make you put a dime for a small infraction or a quarter for more complex cuss words.  Then she would read you a Bible verse. 
Somewhere in the mid seventies I got onboard with her Amazing Soul Food.  When I was working at ABC15 in Phoenix, 15 years ago, I would go at least once a month, often with my Dad.  By that time Larry was running the show. 
I could give some overly wordy set of descriptives to try to explain how wonderful this food is.  It’s too good to be described in mere words.
Lo-Lo moving to Scottsdale is a stroke of genius.  The family name is so strong in this market that the great food is just a given!   I always tell myself that I’m going to try the fish or something new but when I show up, it’s Fried Chicken, Collard Greens and Red Beans and Rice, with cornbread and gravy on the side.
It’s good to know, that the White family’s soul food traditions, will be serving the valley for future generations. 
We’re going to be okay… I think we’re going to be okay!

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  1. I have not been to the newer location in Scottsdale yet, have hit the one in Phoenix several times, love it! And of course Mrs. Whites will always hold a special place in my heart! <3