Thursday, September 23, 2010

Goodbye Friends

I'm sad to say, after several years, The Cave Creek Coffee Company has decided to cancel the open mic. This was a rare experience. I want to thank the many excelent musicians that shared thier talent and love of music with the audience that came out to support acoustic music in Cave Creek. This was a true "listening room" people came from all over the Southwest to make this happen. Many local musicians developed their talent on our little stage. As for the open mic I will try to find another venue. In the mean time keep on playing and working I believe in you all.

Mad Coyote Joe


  1. They have been losing ground as far as building new customers. I think they think that they can build a new audience in the bar. as dave grossman says these things come and go. There is a time for it to work and a time for it to end. We are just at the time for it to end. I'll miss my musicians greatly, it's a privledge to watch them grow as performers.

  2. Man, it sucks that it had to come to that. My sweetie pie and I used to occaisionally ride our bikes up from our place in Tonopah, to Cave Creek to check it out till we moved to far west Texas. Taylorcraftbc65