Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The best Sorbet I've Ever Had!

My wife, Chef Kathy and I went shopping two days ago. It was her day off and we went to see a movie. The Kings Speech, a great movie for performers, it was definitely a girl movie… but I loved it!

Anyway after the movie we went to Whole Foods and bought a piece of fresh cod, $8.99 a pound, the Frozen cod was $6.99 a pound. This was a really well spent $2 fresh, full of flavor and delicious. While we were shopping Kathy went to get some sorbet, I was buying dark chocolate covered, roasted almonds. I interrupted Kathy while she was getting the sorbet and she thought she had purchased the Mango… but no! She only thought she had the Mango sorbet.

Upon arriving home I was putting the frozen items in the freezer while Kathy was putting the produce away in the big fridge in the Mad Coyote room. I noticed (to my horror) that we did not have our beloved Mango sorbet… no we had… are you ready for this… Basil Lime sorbet. Who on God’s green earth would fuck up sorbet by combining basil with lime? I was sure that it was some recent culinary school graduate that was dropping acid between convincing his or her uncle that owned a sorbet company, that this was a good idea.

10:45 pm the night of the erroneous sorbet purchase; Kathy in a desperate attempt to find some sweet satisfaction decides to try the Basil lime sorbet. I’m not buying it.

In order to understand the dynamic going on here, you need some history.

Kathy for the past forty years has been the one that will say, “Hey Joe, what do you think that light background flavor in the cream sauce is?” She is acting like this is a little question between a husband and wife. No my friend this is much more devious, this is her punking me, she is stomping the holy shit, out of any chance that I may ever have, to have a better palate than her… and she is always right! Kathy has the most amazing palate that I have ever encountered.

So when she tells me, that the basil lime sorbet has “A flavor that she could become addicted to!” I approach it with caution. Again my wife and childhood sweetheart is spot on.

This is one of the greatest flavor combinations, that I have encountered, hands down.

You need to try Sweet Republic, Basil lime Sorbet!

It has my mind reeling with cooking ideas! My advice... get some tonight!


Mad Coyote Joe

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