Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just a thought!

Okay; this is the new deal you run for an office in my country you can have 10 times the average salary (yes I fucking understand the average) in each state you are running in. So Arizona that’s about $250,000 or for president that’s 52 times the national average times 10 or about $15,000,000, Give these fuckers an Americapass and they can hit the rails. We need to take the corporations out of the ballot box. They can raise money at a rate of $25 from citizens maximum… no corporate money… that’s right none. They are fucking the workingman beyond anything that Ian Rand could have ever dreamed of. It’s our government not corporate America’s. If they think that it’s worth 200 million dollars to get a $500,000 (or what ever it pays) per year job then you can ride around on trains and tell us why. We will provide city parks and public access TV for you to sell us on why you’re the one that I want to vote for! Just think about It, real candidates actually selling us on their ideas, without writers base on demographics. No… at these prices they’ll have to make it up themselves!

Just a thought!


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