Friday, May 20, 2011

Fire Roasting Chiles

I wanted to share a few shots of us roasting 6 lbs of chiles for our party we’re doing tomorrow night.

These are both Anaheim and Poblano. We hit them with a roofing torch while lighting some Mesquite Chunk charcoal.

After they’re well browned on both sides we move them off the heat and close the lid, but leave a vent open to keep the heat up so the chiles will soften before we take them in the house and remove the charred skin, stems, seeds and veins. They are good with any grill roasted meats, poultry or fish, and also just plain with a pinch of Mexican Oregano, a squeeze of Key lime and a pinch of coarse salt.

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  1. What a wonderful discovery. Indian food is replete with variations on chili. The world's fieriest is reputed to be grown in the north east of India and is called Bhut Jholakia. I am a chili head, and friends and family from different parts of this huge country remember and get me fresh and dried chili's particular to their region when they come to visit. The roasted chili you posted about is very similar to something we do in many parts of India, just a basic salted roast. Chili marinated in yogurt and sun dried and then friend or roasted is another.

    Do check out my writing on food at and elsewhere. I also am an avid photographer and fine artist, when I am not cooking or eating, that is.