Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Dogs After the Party

Our Dogs Max and Jake

Last night I got home from a dinner that we were doing. I was tired. Upon walking through the door into the kitchen I found our dogs jumping up and down, barking and celebrating my arrival. There was a nice bottle of Red Zinfandel on the counter and an order of Dandan noodles from Pei Wei. Kathy was sitting on the couch and there was an old movie on the TV. I put on a pair of PJ bottoms and an old tee shirt and climbed into my favorite chair. With my feet up I enjoyed dinner and discussing my day with the party and Kathy’s day in the Kitchen at AJ’s.

The dogs wanted to be close to me. They can always tell if I’m tired or if my illness is hitting me especially hard. If I’m really hurting and cramping so bad that I have to lay down they will follow me to the bedroom and lay down next to me and push their bodies against mine in what I assume is an effort to help fight the pain. It’s quite comforting. As we watched the old movie, the dogs fell asleep on my feet, as is often the case. I had been shooting some platters that Kathy had put together for the party I was doing and my camera was next to my chair so I snapped these shots.

I believe in common things; a nice home, a pick-up truck, a nice grill, a few good dogs, an old movie and of course a little time with my wife and lifelong friend Kathy… life is good!

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