Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas dinner mashed potato tip

Okay it's Christmas morning and we're making a simple dinner; Prime Rib, Wellington packets in Filo, Mashed Potatoes with a Red Wine Pan gravy, Green Beans w/ Almonds and assorted cheese fruit, candied nuts, spinach dip...

My Christmas gift to you is in the mashed potatoes... how do you get them perfect?

First what potato? If you are using Russet or "Baking Potatoes," that is fine, just peel them before boiling. If using White Rose, Red or Yukon Gold potatoes you can leave the skin on but it gives a more "rustic " finish. Now, here's the trick, with the white, red, or gold, potatoes, unless very large, do not cut them into pieces... and if large, 4 inches or more, just quarter. If cut into little pieces the surface area allows more starch to be worked into the final product... i.e., gummy mashed potatoes. And with skin removal, you can peel them before hand, but I just boil and then when fork tender, I remove them from the cooking water and then carefully (don't burn your fingers) using a kitchen towel apply thumb pressure and the skin comes right off!

Christmas dinner 2010
Next, what do you add? Heavy Cream, butter, salt and pepper, that's it. For a lower calorie version you can add a little of the cooking water and milk to omit the cream but you take a substantial flavor hit!
Well I've got cooking to do and people to love. My hope is that you have the same, after all the rest is just decoration!
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Merry Christmas
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