Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mad Coyote Joe's Secret Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Mad Coyote Joe's Secret Barbecue Sauce Recipe
Okay… I’ve had about enough of this cold weather crap!  I think we need to fight back.  You remember when Peter pan told the viewers that if they all really believed Tinkerbell would come back to life… to dated… anybody?  Well here’s the point, I think we, like the Native Americans of old, need to petition the gods of weather, to show that we believe it will get warmer.  
My suggestion, much like a "Rain Dance," light your grill or smoker and make some fantastic BBQ, in an effort to, just say no, to this cold weather.  
Remember warm weather?

What Secret recipe, you may be asking?  We've all heard about a broken down, Barbecue Joint on a dusty, back road with an old guy in overalls, working the pit. In this tale, the person telling the story says that the guy at the pit told them about his secret barbecue sauce recipe that his uncle shared with him on his death bed, swearing him to never give the recipe to anyone out of the family.... blah blah blah!
I've been told this story in different forms for the past 50 years.
Below is the best BBQ sauce recipe on the planet. If it makes you feel better, swear an oath to your uncle Joe, not to give this out!
You can call it Joe's Gooey, Sticky, Secret Recipe, Barbecue Sauce if that makes you feel better!

Sweet and Spicy, Pepsi Cola Baby Back Ribs.
My daughter Katie always asks for Baby Back Ribs with this sauce for her Birthday.

This recipe is for about 4 RACKS of baby-back pork ribs.

1 C Pepsi Cola
1 C Tomato sauce
1/2 C Dark brown sugar
1/2 C Dark molasses
1/2 C White vinegar
1 6-OZ Can Tomato paste
1/4 C Sweet butter
1/4 C Worcestershire sauce
2 TBL Balsamic vinegar
2 TBL Maple syrup
1 TBL Dry mustard
1 TBL Mild New Mexico chile powder
1/2 TBL Kosher salt
1/2 TBL Fresh-ground black pepper
1 TSP Wasabi powder
1 TSP Summer savory
1 TSP Marjoram
1 TSP Granulated garlic
1 TSP Onion powder
2 Dashes Tabasco Habanero Sauce

1. Mix all ingredients together and simmer over low heat until thick enough to coat the back of a metal spoon.  Slow Smoke the ribs basting with this sauce as you go.  

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