Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meanwhile Back at the Bread III

Okay this what I learned tonight about bread. It is imperative to use (as directed in Tartine Bread) a mixture of Whole Wheat and Rice flour to line your, towel-lined breadbaskets. Today as I was working my dough, through the bench rest and the final rise, I being a rocket scientist, thought to myself, I’m out of the rice flour that is suggested in the directions for lining the baskets. What could it hurt? I’ll tell what it can hurt. When you have 22 loaves of bread that you have been working on for 3 days and then you go out and cut the Mesquite for the fire and you light that fire and watch it for 5 hours, while the bread is rising and then you clean the oven and wash it out, while hot and then you wait until it reaches 575°f and then you take your dough out and as you gently turn over the first loaf and it sticks to the towel and tears and deflates as you watch in horror. That’s the time when you realize that maybe they meant it when they said us a 50/50 mixture of whole wheat and rice, flour to line your baskets.

Alright, after a glass of wine and some thought I gently turned the baskets over and used a plastic dough scraper and got the dough to release and I scored it. However it did lose a little of it’s rise. Once again this is a learning process!

So the bread came out a little flat but it was delicious. I’ll bake again in 3 or 4 days.

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