Monday, April 25, 2011

Restaurant Reviews a Big hit!

Okay, as usual I check the statistics page for this blog at lest one time a day. By coincident, I’ve done two restaurant reviews in the past few days. My page hits went through the roof. About five times the amount of hits I get on other subjects. So this tells me that you, the readers, like it when Kathy and I review a restaurant.

If you live in the Phoenix metro, or surrounding areas, and would like for us to take a look at a restaurant, that you feel is above average, let us know. Or if you are looking for a new place to enjoy a specific type of cuisine, leave a comment asking. We’ve lived here for just under fifty years each and if we don’t know where to find what you are looking for I’m sure that one of our readers or friends will. Also if you want more of any other subject that we are working on, tell us.

Thanks for reading and please keep sharing our work.


Mad Coyote Joe

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