Friday, March 8, 2013

Is Sourdough Bread Better?

Is Sourdough Bread Better?
This is from the web site "Suite 101"
Now that we understand the fermentation and magic behind sourdough bread, we can start to understand the chemical reactions that occur in the dough which make it, yes, better.
Though it is a matter of taste, many agree that sourdough bread tastes better. The rustic, sour flavor melts in the mouth, leaving a very pleasant aftertaste. Sourdough breads can be made in a million varieties: white, sweet, whole wheat and added nuts, berries, cinnamon, sugar. And we all love sourdough pancakes!
The real magic of sourdough bread is what happens once it hits the tummy. Sourdough bread digests very differently than yeast-made breads. The fermented yeast in the sourdough starter worked for a full day on the dough before it was baked, unlike instant yeast breads which are ready in a few hours. During this time acidity grows in the bread contributed by the lactic acid culture of the starter. This results in a better absorption of phosphorus, calcium, zinc, magnesium and iron in the grain.
On top of the better mineral and vitamin absorption, sourdough bread is lower on the glycemic scale, which means it does not spike blood sugar like regular bread. This is great news because most of the harmful effects of a high carb diet come from the release of insulin and the resulting blood sugar spikes. The fermentation can also lead to a more robust intestinal flora which leads to better digestion all around.
Sourdough bread digests slower, sticks with us longer, contributes to our health in numerous ways, and tastes better. I think that pretty much decides the case. Yes, sourdough bread is better.

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