Friday, March 22, 2013

Tropical fruited, soy glazed Salmon fillet with Habanero

We have been trying to incorporate more fruits in our diets.  We’re trying to get to at least three servings of fruit a day.  A serving being a medium piece of fruit or a half cup.  Unlike my parent’s generation and their parents, my generation and my kids don’t naturally reach for the fruit.  Many people under 50 only think about fruit as a cooked dessert food.  The combination of fruit and meat, poultry or fish seems odd, so younger people shy away from those dishes. 
If you’re trying to add fruit to your daily diet, try a snack of buffalo mozzarella and sliced apples.  Another is fresh melon slices wrapped with a thin slice of prosciutto.  Either is a great, light, summer snack. 
The following recipe is a home run as far as summer time eating.  It’s cooked outside on the grill, so you don’t heat your house up.  It’s also a good way to start enjoying the combination of fruit and protein.  I came up with this recipe about a decade ago and it’s now one of our favorites.  Due to the fact that it’s such a dominant flavor I’d serve it with something understated like white rice or even a good baguette.  I’d also serve it with a good crisp white wine.  Enjoy!

Tropical fruited, soy glazed Salmon fillet with Habanero
In the freezer section of your grocery store they sell frozen fruit juice combinations.  This recipe works well with about any of them but the Apple, Mango and Passion fruit takes this recipe over the top.  And whatever you do, do not omit the lemon juice and dill it really ties the flavors together. 

1-2 Lb. Salmon fillet, skinned
2 tsp. White pepper
vegetable oil spray
¼ cup Frozen apple, mango and passion fruit juice concentrate, thawed
¼ cup coarse grain Dijon mustard
1 Tbl. Soy sauce
2 tsp. Your favorite habanero sauce, use more for extreme heat
1 fresh lemon
1 small bunch fresh dill, chopped
Light the grill.  Remove any pin bones from salmon fillet.  Rinse under cold water quickly and pat dry with a paper towel.  Cut fillet into 6 to 8 individual steaks.  Sprinkle both sides with white pepper.  Spray both sides with vegetable oil spray.  In a small mixing bowl stir together the fruit juice concentrate, mustard, soy sauce and habanero sauce. Turn grill to medium.  Place the salmon steaks on the hot grill with the side that had the skin up.  After about 10-15 seconds gently lift the salmon fillet up from the grill surface and set back down (This keeps the fish from sticking).  After 2 minutes gently turn the steaks and once again gently lift them to prevent sticking.  Spoon the glaze over the fish reserving some for the other side.  Depending on your grill you will need to cook the fish for about 8 more minutes.  The rule for grilling fish is 10 minutes of grilling for each inch of thickness…. more or less!  So after 8 more minutes turn the fish one more time spoon on the remaining glaze and let cook for 30 seconds and remove from grill.  Plate, drizzle a little lemon juice and top with fresh dill.
Serves 6-8

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