Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let's talk about writing

I'm new to blogging and I'm hoping this is a way to help get you involved in what ever I can offer; be it cooking and grilling, music and performance, writing, stealing cactus, the perfect Margarita or just life here in this amazing Sonoran desert.

A little history, I had a medical mishap 5 years ago that almost killed me. While recovering I tried to keep my mind busy and so went back to school. I studied creative writing with a wonderful intelligent woman by the name of Dr. Lois Roma Deeley. Her classes at PVCC absolutely changed my life forever. I had written 4 cookbooks and 131 episodes of my TV series, along with various magazine and newspaper articles. But She is the one that made me think of myself as a writer. The first day I met her I walked up to her and said Hello my name is mad coyote Joe, my writing mentor Paul Ellswick died a few years back and I've been looking for you. You're going to be my new mentor. She gave a funny look and said okay. That has been our relationship ever since.
I also studied under another fantastic woman by the name of Judy Gailbraith. She is the staff member in charge of PVCC's newspaper "The Puma Press" she also teaches news writing. Judy also brought me around to an understanding of my abilities and helped me in being a more cohesive food writer.

I hope, for those of you that are trying your hand at writing you will ask questions. And those of you that are professionals by all means offer direction.

I'll close with a quote from my departed father; "It's not a question of if you will fail, it's a question of how many times you will fail before you succeed!"
Thanks Dad, I miss you.

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