Monday, February 15, 2010


Last night Kathy and I went into Phoenix. We parked at Montebello and 19t Ave. and took the Light Rail. It was a real eye opener. We live up here in Paradise and seldom run into the rank and file of the American middle class. It was great, everybody from cops and street people to families and bikers.
Stopped at Van Buren and central. Took a Pedi-cab to the Arizona Center. Walking through the restaurants we ran upon UNOS. Years ago when they first came to Phoenix they made some of the best Chicago style Pizza around. The secret to a great Chicago style deep-dish pizza is; great pizza dough, a well olive-oiled pan, CHEESE FIRST (this step keeps the crust light and crunchy). We were hungry and let our need for food get in the way of better judgment. UNOS has gone corporate. We were served what I assume was a frozen product topped with some canned tomatoes. This was not the world famous pizza we thought we were getting. A 10-inch pizza was $24 with tip, no drinks or sides. I rate it just below Stouffer’s French bread pizza.

Well I’m off the help Cody’s, a new restaurant in Cave Creek. I'm doing recipe development for them and very excited about their menu.

I've got a diem to carpe'

Mad Coyote Joe

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