Thursday, February 18, 2010

Writing talent

I've been studying writing and performance for the last 20 years. Along the way I've had several mentors. Each in one basic area; for promotion and media I've turned to Bob Boze Bell. Bruce Jones taught me how to be on television along with help from Don McClure and Paul Hallowell. I was taught how to write by Paul Ellswick, Dr. Lois Roma Deeley and Judy Gailbraith. Musical performance came from a group of friend, but most directly I learned from David Grossman. David also taught me how to run an Open mic, he gave the rules and I use that knowledge every week at C4 where I run a true listening room.
Perhaps I should have learned more from David about writing, but quite frankly I was so mesmerized by his talent that I just watched. I saw Dave perform at least 2 times a week for 8 years.

To give you an idea about the depth of this guys talent I offer the following song lyrics. Read all the way through, and then stop and think that Dave wrote this back when he was in his mid teens. An age where most people are having trouble getting gas money or cleaning their rooms he was writing lines like " I doubt they ride an uncut road or taste a desert sky” He is a master of phrasing... Enjoy

I Ride Alone
Words and Music by David Shepherd Grossman

Got a nickel riding on my life yet to be
Speak of me in legend well I'd probably agree
Let a deck of cards
Lead me way against the odds
Too many times

Journeys often lead one on an endless up hill climb
They give you countless memories you pay a fee of time
I couldn't be your friend
I've hung on the loosing end
Too many times

And I'm not a silver cowboy shooting for a prize
I have no wife or child to call my own
And I haven't got much money
I've seen what money buys
I'm just a man who likes to ride alone

Cities filled with merchants all selling to get by
I doubt they ride an uncut road or taste a desert sky
But rivers roll on
On through right and wrong
'Till they reach an ocean or run dry


I hear morals echo like a wordless rhyme
I see them all around me yet they seem so hard to find
I've missed all my cues
I've lost my chance to choose
Too many times


If you like David's writing Check out Tom Waitts and on a local level I'm very impressed by the talent of Bill Wickham. He really understands phrasing. He works under the name of Wick and Cole.

Photo by Zeke Vance from left Wick, Kevin Brennan, Cole and Mike Assad

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