Monday, February 25, 2013

Open Mic!

We had a full room and a great list of Singer Songwriters this Sunday at The HornyTaod in Cave Creek!

I’ve been doing Open Mic for the past 16 years, more or less.  To those of you that picture amateur night, well there can be some of that, but… what a good open mic offers is a chance for aspiring singer/ songwriters, to work on their act.  Over the years, time and again, I’ve witnessed a transformation of regular folks into artist.  This takes work and heart.  There’s nothing like the first time a new singer (young or old) connects with their audience. 

The guy that taught me how to properly run an Open Mic, David Grossman, said when you’re a musician there’s not a lot of refuge out there.  You can find refuge in religion, relationships, drugs, the mental institution… but the Open Mic is a true refuge for musicians.  They are among their own kind and find a place that they can get real answers about working a room.
As with all Open Mics a group of player develops that drives a direction.  This in turn causes players to take some risks, maybe play a tune that they love but is not in their genre. 
As the players grow so the entire group grows.  And the audience is the real benefactor!  A few years ago I had another room that I had worked to develop.   I saw about 40 people sit quietly and listen to a 15 minute Bass solo by local talent, Omar.  He absolutely had them mesmerized.  When he stopped playing there was that crystal moment where you could hear a pin drop before the room exploded in applause.  Moments like that, are usually the purview of big cities… or great bars in the Texas panhandle!
There’s great music,humor, fun, talent, good food and cold drinks, (special thanks to Tim Brady for the whisky).  It’s a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. 
So weather you’re a player or just love good music, come on out to the Horny Toad in Cave Creek next Sunday and do a little toe tapping while you relax and have a cold one!

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