Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Unholy Weather and Taco Bart's!

We woke up to snow falling on our beloved Sonoran desert.  For those of us that like the heat, especially over 115f, this is a curse directly from the bowels of hell.

I did my rounds expecting caribou or Polar Bear to show up at any moment.  After a while I calmed down and decided there was only one course of action.

Go to see Bart.  He's the proprietor of the Indian Village, here in Cave Creek.  Bart is one of the reasons to move to Cave Creek, well Bart and his Tacos.  They can cure depression and for only a few bucks.
I took this picture while sitting in my chair at home.  I'm pretty well known for understanding food; and especially Mexican food.  No paper mache flowers, no blue margaritas, no annoying tourists, just the best tacos in this part of the country.  If you live here you don't say "The Indian Village"  you say, let's go to Taco Bart's.
Thanks Bart!

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