Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just a Thought!

I find myself thinking about our goals as a nation and more over the world. In my country I’ve seen the more commercially aggressive rewarded while those that just try to build a life are taken advantage of. I have seen the majority of my efforts, monetarily speaking, go to interest, late fees, handling charges and so on. In short why are we allowing financiers to suck the life blood out of our working underclass. If the FED can loan banks money to stimulate the economy at almost no interest, and that money in turn is loaned out to everyday people and at a profit, and everyday people are losing their homes. Why don’t we, the people i.e. the FED, stop rewarding the crooks that crashed the economy and loan the money directly to the workers without someone getting rich in the middle. The country would be stronger, all of us, not just the top… just a thought!

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