Tuesday, March 26, 2013

God in Threes a poem by Daigneaulti

God in Threes
a poem by Daigneault

Throwing Angles at the rain

It’s …


These words that cannot say

Of soil and song and joy and truth

Water knowing water
That tree thinks of time

And I live with words

A current a vale
Or light and God

At some point
I am the land and sky

Where are the words
Evading me but all around

I want the words
I need the words
Where are the words
Why not?

It moves through me
All around

The warm breeze loves the autumn leaves
One but not

So I wait
A hope a prayer
Yes a prayer
Wordless, together and yet just beyond, so close, one but not, tangible, but not

Un-said un-known
No we
Know we

Caged locked I see the door

You dry cold worn
She has lost so much and we can’t find a path
Old now is this the last few pages of that book she wrote
Of a life of fantasy he was on the road on those women but where was she?
I cannot look as the fire grows dim as she grows dim this bright lonely light
Was this her truest lie this life she almost had
And I on the sidelines alone throwing angel at the rain.
I cannot find tears or pain that can see this error in our basic makeup
We calmly watch as our families burn to ash
Less than ash for ash can be touched at least it has the heart to leave us filthy
They just leave and that that is left behind is not them in any way
My father called it garbage but I think it is less
How can a life end in so little
Where is true sadness
Where is the mind going… why… how

Please help me to find my way back to the surface
The light
Blood and fire and pain and deep pounding breaths
Beautiful breathless muscles pushed beyond their limits
Life fresh soil and sweat

Am I
A cross between sight and pain
The horizon I see it
And I feel it sees me
Knows me
Once again I am alive, If only for today
I come to this cross road again and again
This light is out there and I feel my mind working again and again
But I fear that monster that is just out of my vision.
His breath wet and putrid
Just a round that next corner
Always taking
A thief
But the fight goes on
I know that all is there if only I can extend my grasp
Just become strong enough to reach once again
I can see that thing that I wish to call light
But that is the wrong word
But I can see it and feel it

God in Threes.

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