Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sweet Potato Risotto

Sweet Potato Risotto
If you've never tried Risotto, you're in for a real treat.  Risotto is delicious and easy once you get the hang of it!

¼ c. olive oil
½ c. fine-diced onion
1 T. garlic
1 c. shredded sweet potato
12 oz. Arborio rice
½ c. mashed sweet potato

6 c. chicken stock
1 T. fresh rosemary
1 ½ t. fresh thyme
4 T. butter
4 T. grated Parmesan cheese
1 t. salt
¾ t. black pepper

Heat chicken broth. Heat olive oil, sauté onion and garlic. Squeeze out any extra moisture from the shredded sweet potato, then rough chop and add to onion mixture, sauté. Then add rice and sauté for 1 minute. Add chicken broth ½ c. at a time until completely absorbed, when you have one cup of broth left add of the mashed sweet potato. When the rice is al dente remove from heat and add cheese herbs, butter and salt and pepper

1.     Add  1 ½ c. mashed sweet potato to the stock as the liquid, stir well.
2.      Sauté onion and garlic, add sweet potato, stirring until caramelized and then add to risotto once there is 1 cup stock left

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