Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Original Margarita

If you thought Margaritas were a “Mexican” drink think again.  The true history of the margarita (like so many things in Texas) depends on whom you’re talking with.  The most popular story tells that the margarita was invented in Acapulco, Mexico by a rich socialite from Dallas named Margarita Sames.  It was at a Christmas party, Margarita was behind the bar making up drinks for her rich friends and came up with the now famous concoction.  Everyone like it so much they took the recipe home to Texas and popularity of the now famous drink spread like wild fire after one of her guests offered them in his Mexican restaurant.  Soon they were being served all over Texas.  
Tourist from the U.S. in Mexico started asking for the supposed Mexican drink, which caused it to spread there.  
The fact is, Mexicans think of Margaritas as a tourist drink.
Either way they're delicious.

The Original Margarita
 (or 'El Margarita Original' if that makes you feel better!)

1 1/2 shots Tequila Repesado 
1 1/2 shots Cointreau
juice of 1 Key lime

Shake with ice and serve.
Makes 1 cocktail

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